How Can Sales Battlecards Help Improve Your Sales Team Performance

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Sales battlecards are a crucial asset for your sales enablement strategy. Battlecards are an internal document with valuable information on your prospect and their industry. They will aid sales reps in carrying out better conversations and ultimately winning more deals. Battlecards are a great sales enablement tool that is used as a “cheat sheet” to provide your sales teams with the keys to stand out and beat their competition. 

Attention is the only software that leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to allow the use of your own playbooks to provide voice-activated, real-time guidance, to your sales reps. Attention provides your sales reps with realtime battlecards to guide them during each sales call. Attention integrates with your Zoom calls and delivers real-time guidance to aid your sales reps during their calls. 

What Is a Battlecard?

A sales battlecard is a sales enablement asset that consists of a summary of your product/service, the market, competitors, even your customers. Battlecards main job is to equip your sales team with the ability to quickly respond to concerns, questions and even objections that your prospect might have during a call.

Battlecards are a very valuable tool for reps when navigating a competitive sales environment. Creating a thorough and relevant battlecard will provide your sales reps with the competitive advantage when making deals. Check out how to make winning battlecards and score more deals.

A battlecard should include a company/ product overview, customer’s pain point, key features, why your product is the best in the market, pricing and common objection responses. 

Why Should Your Sales Team Implement Battlecards

Implementing sales battlecards can improve your team's overall sales performance. Today’s buyers are more educated than ever. With the power of search engines, buyers now do thorough research before even speaking with a sales rep. As a sales reps you must be prepared for this, buyer’s nowadays are coming into the deal with more knowledge about your product/ service and your competitors. Having the right sales enablement tools will allow your sales reps to stand out and be confident during their calls. 

Battlecards can also help ramp up your junior or newly hired reps. With good battlecards you are able to coach your reps to become a top performing sales rep and be confident during their deals. Battlecards should help your sales team reinforce their strength.

Why Is Sales Enablement Important? 

Even if your sales team is performing outstanding and you are happy with their performance, there is always room to grow. You may be skeptical as to whether your sales team can benefit from using battlecards and other sales enablement resources. 

But ask yourself these questions; 

  • Are your sales reps always on message?
  • Do you think there is room for growth and setting new goals?
  • Are you currently hitting ALL your sales goals?
  • Are you 100% sure your sales reps are using their sales tool to their fullest potential?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, or you found yourself second-guessing and wondering if there room for improvement, then your team could probably use some improvement to their sales enablement tools.

Even if you did answer “YES” and are happy with the way things are going there is always room for improvement. As your business grows, your sales team grows meaning you will need to train and get your new hire up to date with your top performers. Having implemented the right sales enablement tools and systems will allow your business to continue to grow steadily and be able to maintain positive sales figures during transition periods. 

Implementing a sales enablement strategy is extremely crucial to continue to grow your business and increase your team's productivity. Sales enablement can also aid in equipping your reps with the right resources, improving your training and coaching, effectively measuring results within your organization and increasing revenue. Your sales team works endlessly to gather, nature and convert leads into customers.By creating and implementing a sales enablement strategy, you will give your sales reps more tools and resources to increase sales more effectively and efficiently. 

Implementing A Software That Will Improve Your Sales Enablement 

Battlecards should be kept up to date. They need to be constantly updated with the latest competitive intelligence. Out of date or incorrect information on your competitor is worse than no information at all, this can even cost a deal. To keep your team performance up and continue to be successful your battlecards should be integrated directly with a competitive intelligence source. Due to how quickly things change, manually updating your battlecards quickly becomes extremely difficult and not scalable. Make it easy to update your battlecards by implementing a software that will make the process seamless. 

The key for your sales reps to effectively use their battlecard is for them to have them where they spend most of their time. Making it easily accessible to them will encourage them to use them. If you are looking for a solution to improve your sales enablement strategy and provide your sales reps with real-time feedback and battlecards, give Attention a try! Attention allows your sales reps to track metrics such as speech, pace, engagement and record progress over time. These crucial metrics allow your sales managers to provide helpful feedback, ramping up your junior reps training and turning them into top sellers in a matter of weeks. Hit your targets faster by implementing Attention.

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