Attention ramps up your sales reps in a matter of weeks

Enforce winning sales behaviors from your top reps, across your entire team!

Unlike other sales coaching tools, Attention delivers real-time actionable intelligence to your sales reps, while they're on the call, and when it matters.

Your reps will develop the most effective sales reflexes ever.

Thank you! Get ready to crush your quota!
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Real-time Coaching

Post call remediation is important, but you are missing the opportunities right in front of you, in real time!
Show your sales reps what to say in real-time, immediately pulled from your playbooks and best practices.
Scale your winning conversations all across your team
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How Attention Helps you Win

Replicate your top performers across your reps.
Measure what's working, and A/B test messaging.
Beat your Sales Quota!
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Our Features

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Real-time battlecards

Know exactly what to say and improve the outcome of your conversations, every single time.

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Live talktracks

Our AI tracks the engagement of your prospects in real time and helps you increase it immediately.

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Build confidence and competence

Our AI builds your confidence and competence to close more deals.

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Track progress

Track your progress over time. Understand how you're becoming a super seller in a matter of weeks, not months.