7 sales enablement practices for your sales team

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March 17, 2022

As many companies continue to let their employees work from home, many sales leaders have to create new strategies to coach and train their sales teams. Adapting an effective sales enablement strategy can ensure that the team's performance standards are not only maintained but are also improved. Being able to support your team while they work from home will keep their productivity up and allow them to continue to close more deals. It is vital for your business to have a thriving sales team. This will channel down to each department and continue to keep the growth of your business healthy. 

Attention is an eminent tool to add into your sales enablement strategy. Attention is the only software that empowers your sales reps with real-time conversation intelligence. Attention integrates with Zoom, Google meets, Aircall and Microsoft team to deliver real-time guidance that will aid in training your sales reps.Attention tracks and sends feedback based on key metrics like engagement, body language, time spent speaking or listening, and countless others. Get your sales team thriving by providing them with all the right training and tools. 

What is sales enablement and why is it important?

Sales enablement has become a necessary part of any sales team. Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales team with the information, tools, training resources, and content they would need to be effective to close deals. Implementing these practices will allow your reps to build better relationships with their prospects, maximize sales opportunities, and improve your team's overall performance.

A successful sales enablement strategy provides your sales reps with the tools, resources and sales insights to carry out successful sales meetings and win more deals. Your sales enablement strategy should focus on providing each sales rep with proper training to ramp up their projected sales goals and improve their sales funnel. Having these tools will improve the overall performance of your team and allow each sales rep to work effectively and efficiently. 

Here are 5 sales enablement practices to help your sales team ramp up sales. 

If you are looking to close more deals and boost your sales engagement, then your business will benefit from sales enablement. 

1. Access your current sales enablement strategy 

Reviewing your sales enablement strategy will allow you to pinpoint what is working vs what is not, allowing you to create optimal changes to your strategy. You should review your training processes, internal material (including battlecards), sales playbook, technology and content your consumer sees. 

When reviewing your sales enablement strategy, think about a new hire. What does their training look like? What type of material are you proving them with? What tools can they access? What questions might they have during this process? All of this information is extremely valuable for optimizing your strategy. 

2.Create the right sales enablement content

Creating the right type of content is crucial when implementing sales enablement practices. The content should be crisp, pertinent, and persuasive. The content created should share relevant qualitative and quantitative evidence of product quality, it should also emphasize that your organization is dependable and customer-oriented, and create content that promotes trust between you and your prospect.

The motive for your sales enablement content should be to assist your sales reps and provide them with the tools to navigate successful conversation with their prospects and be able to overcome any objection the prospect might have during the sales process. 

3. Focus on continuous learning and reinforcements

A sales enablement strategy should be used throughout your entire sales team. From your top performers all the way to your new hires. Your top performers are able to provide a lot of insights into what is working for them. This data can be shared across the team to improve the overall team’s performance. 

Continuous learning and reinforcement will allow your sales team to stay strong and continue to grow. This gives sales leaders the opportunity to fine-tune their strategy and create new goals as a team. 

4. Provide support and feedback 

Once you’ve reinforced and optimized your sales enablement, you should set continuous support and feedback. It is important to stay ahead of your competition and perdure your sales enablement strategy. With all the adjustments to your strategy, your sales team productivity will rapidly increase. It is pivotal to provide each sales reps with support and provide them with achievable goals. 

5. Embrace Technology 

As your business grows, maintaining track of your data can become nearly impossible. It is crucial to stand out from your competition and implement tools that will make your entire team work more effectively. The right technology can help boost your team’s productivity and increase sales. 

The only motive of sales enablement is to grow revenue by increasing the effectiveness of sales teams through the right processes, the right technology, and improving selling behavior.

If you are searching for a solution to improve the efficiency and productivity across teams and departments in your organization, give Attention a try! Attention provides your sales reps with real-time battlecards, live tracks, and metrics that allows them to review their performance. Attention replicates AI-powered sales coaches all across your team, and provides your sales reps with the most relevant feedback in real-time.

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