How To implement a sales enablement strategy in your company

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First off, what is a sales enablement? Well, sales enablement is a broad term that covers many functions that relate to sales in some form or fashion under one big umbrella. Many functions, such as recruiting, training and coaching, content creation, analysis fall under sales enablement. Essentially, sales enablement provides your sales reps with resources, data, technology, and tools needed to successfully increase revenue and improve their sales productivity. Sales enablement maximizes every point of contact that your sales reps have with potential buyers and ultimately improves the experience that the client has.

Attention is a great technology tool to add into your sales enablement strategy. Attention can help you train your reps to have better conversations with their clients and act as trusted advisors.

Today, sales enablement is more important than ever before. It may sound as simple as hiring the right people to do their specific job, but technology has advanced so much that these positions now have to communicate with other departments to create a successful company. It is no longer straightforward. You need to empower your sales reps with the tools and technology to successfully close their deals. 

What does it take to make a good sales enablement strategy?

Let’s take a look at what it takes to make a good sales enablement strategy. 

Recruit the right people

First and foremost, you need to find the right people for your team to be successful. This will have a direct impact on whether your sales enablement program will succeed or not. In addition to hiring the right people for your organization, you also need to hire the right number of people in order to efficiently carry out the processes. 

Training and Coaching

Now that you have your team set, you need to equip them with the right training, skills, and knowledge. This is where training and coaching kicks in. Providing a high quality training program for your sales representatives will give them an edge over your competitors. Your reps need to know how to promote your product/service, how to represent it, and relay as much earned value as possible. For some tips, check out 6 ways to make sales training fun.

Equipping reps with the right resources

Now that you have a well trained team, they will be ready to go out and bring in sales, right? WRONG! They will need to be equipped with the tools and resources that will allow them to increase their sales as efficiently as possible. These tools and resources include, but are not limited to, product data, videos, spec sheets, etc… Each of these tools and resources will help your sales reps actively engage with their prospects and their needs, respectively. 

Measure results within your organization

Good. You’re on the right path now. The final step is to measure the results within the organization. At this point you’ve given all the tools, training, and resources so that your sales reps can succeed. Sales performance results will help you see if everyone on the team is performing their duties. If these results are below your expectations, then it’s probably best to revisit any of the previous steps and modify, change, and optimize as needed.

Benefits of having a Sales Enablement Strategy 

Having a good sales enablement strategy can transform an under-performing or average sales team into one that is showcasing astonishing results by strategically aligning technology and people while enabling your sales reps to quickly turn leads into new customers. 

Below you will find the top 3 benefits of implementing a sales enablement strategy and increasing your bottom-line ROI. 

Improve Training Programs

Organizations invest significant time and resources into building their sales team. A good sales enablement tool can help your organization reduce the time it takes to move a buyer from prospect to customer more quickly and efficiently. Improving your training program will provide your sales reps the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully communicate the product/service directly to the prospect. 

Need help training your sales reps? Try Attention! Attention is the perfect tool for your sales managers to monitor your sales reps. In addition, Attention helps sales leaders identify problem areas, gives sales reps instant feedback, and tracks team growth leveraging AI.

Increase Revenue 

Higher revenue is a key benefit of sales enablement and the main reason why so many organizations of all sizes are adapting it to their practices. With this new sales process, reps can effectively work with their leads and be able to prioritize deals more effectively. This process allows reps to focus on deals with a higher chance of closing. Sales enablement significantly reduces the length of the sales cycles and increases sales efficiency.

You can also reduce overhead and decrease admin cost when implementing sales enablement. With the right softwares and tools you’ll be able to figure out what is working for your organization and what is not and be able to focus on your higher revenue growth. Ultimately, the sales team can have a higher percentage of sales conversion. 

Sales and Marketing Alignment

A fully transparent and integrated sales team and marketing team is a dream come true for every business. Sales and Marketing are two sides to the same coin. These two departments working together for the same goal should be able to get your sales to increase beyond your expectations. Guess what? A good, solid sales enablement strategy is the glue that holds these two departments together. Therefore, it is extremely important to have your sales enablement strategy set with updates every now and then when your sales start to slip. 


Now is the best time to create your sales enablement strategy. Your sales team works tirelessly to attract, nurture, and convert leads into customers. By creating and implementing a sales enablement strategy, you will give your sales reps more tools and resources to increase sales more effectively and efficiently. 

Attention helps your sales reps develop the sales reflexes they need to convert leads. Using AI, Attention tracks and sends feedback based on key metrics like engagement, body language, time spent speaking or listening, and countless others. Try Attention today!

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