How Attention empowers Sales Leaders:

Meet and Exceed Revenue Targets - reps spending less time in CRM allows for more time selling while improving forecasting and pipeline predictability

Reduce sales cycles - have every rep have the power to send follow up emails in less than 60 seconds. Sales leaders see sales cycle reduce by 18%

Improved Sales team Morale and turnover - Give your sales team 50% of their time back with Attentions AI platform and allow them to focus on 1 thing - selling

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How Attention Helps your Sales Teams Win

Using Attention, teach the right sales reflexes to your new reps in a matter of weeks.

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Real-time objection handling

Attention scales coaching to every conversation.


Generate more revenue

Attention boosts your conversion rates and ACVs.


Onboard new reps in months weeks.

Have reps learning live on calls within weeks and accelerate their learning and onboarding with Attention’s Sales AI platform.

AI powered call scorecards allow you to identify where reps need personalized coaching.

Reinforce sales methodology training for reps live on calls within days of onboarding.

Improve forecasting and pipeline predictability by onboarding reps within weeks.

We've helped 100+ sales teams including

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Key Features for Sales Leaders

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Real-time coaching intelligence

Never have your revenue team face objections alone.

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Guided Selling

Reinforce your sales methodology on calls and ramp reps faster.

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AI powered scorecards

Have every call graded with AI to determine where your sales team needs coaching and training.

Eliminate Sales Rep Admin Tasks

Give your sales team back 50% of their time with 1 click CRM updates and AI follow-up emails.

We've helped 100+ sales teams

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"Attention is going multiple layers deeper for me than what most Call Intelligence softwares offer...
I can be certain that all CRM Opportunity fields are being updated with the auto-fill feature, I know my reps are saving time and following best practices for follow up emails using the Al generated follow-up email feature, and my favorite part, I have a built-in Al assistant to help me quickly analyze sales call recordings to pull out insights and feedback for my team. Attention is helping me and my reps save a ton of time and helping me get far more clear on what I need to coach them on."
Jed Mahrle, Director of Sales
@ Mailshake
"When it came to Attention, it helped us solve two major challenges any sales leader has: reducing sales cycle length and faster onboarding...
Since we started using Attention we've reduced sales cycle by 31%. The second thing we measured was a reduction in overall meetings of new trainings, as it was reinforced with Attention's real-time coaching intelligence live on the calls. Attention's AI Sales platform has been a game changer for us!"
Adam Ferris, VP of Sales
@ Friendbuy

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