3 Kinds of Sales Enablement Content Your Team Will Thank You For

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Are your sales reps having a difficult time closing deals? If your sales reps are failing to persuade buyers, it may mean your team needs to work on producing and facilitating access to better sales enablement content.

While it’s easy to produce just any kind of sales enablement content, it takes plenty of experience and a plethora of multi-departmental voices to produce materials that can truly help your sales reps succeed during key parts of the sales process. Content should not just answer the buyer’s questions, but rather should also appease any tangential concerns and frame the decision to work with your organization as the only viable one. A little style and foresight go a long way - neat and professional content that gets to the heart of buyer objections will be sure to rake in new clients. In short, sales enablement content should be crisp, pertinent, and persuasive.

But what kind of content is the most relevant? Here are the three kinds of sales enablement content that sales reps really appreciate when speaking with prospects.

1. Content that shares relevant qualitative and quantitative evidence of product quality

Buyers want to know how good the product or service you’re offering really is. While a little hyperbole in sales talk is to be expected, it won’t get the job done unless your sales reps are equipped with evidence to back their product narrative. This is where sales enablement content related to proving the strength of your company offerings comes in. You’ll want to be prepared with a wide variety of materials that include quantitative and qualitative proof of product quality. For example, reviews and testimonials can highlight customer satisfaction with your organization’s product or service, as well as illuminate your advantages relative to the competition. Get the good news out on the Internet by using review platforms to showcase as many well-rounded, overall positive reviews of your product or service as possible. Having relevant metrics and case studies at hand can also go a long way in dispelling buyer hesitation and addressing objections, and get you one step closer to signing a deal. Be sure to keep the numbers updated, as having outdated or contradictory metrics circulating around in sales calls with prospects can do a lot of harm. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of showcasing your company’s culture. Insights into your organization’s thought processes in the form of opinion pieces, blogs, or articles can reassure buyers that your team has the creativity and market knowledge necessary to continue evolving, and the know-how necessary to address any unforeseen challenges down the line. Sales enablement content that focuses on proving product quality and showcasing vision will prove useful time and time again.

2. Content that emphasizes your organization is dependable and customer-oriented

While having a good reputation isn’t everything, it sure does help. Do you consider your sellers to be persuasive people others enjoy conversing and engaging with? Do prospects agree? Does your organization have a record of being dependable, professional, and simple to work with? How does your customer service compare with that offered by competitors? Regardless of your answers to these questions, be sure to create sales enablement content that focuses on inspiring trust in your organization’s abilities and offering materials that empower sales reps to be confident company ambassadors. Seeing is believing; visual content like videos can be a very effective way to build trust in your company and product. You’ll want to highlight company values like accessibility and stability, in particular. Prospects will appreciate hearing about how easy it is to communicate with members of your organization and will be pleased to know how seriously you take each and every customer relationship. In short, include content that convinces buyers you are in it for the long-run.

3. Content on risk management, security, and compliance

Keep safety first! Building trust is key to closing deals. What better way to gain the buyer’s confidence than eliminating as many risk-related doubts as possible? Your sales enablement content should include information that shows the buyer your organization takes security and compliance issues seriously. This kind of sales enablement content will be especially helpful when it comes to persuading prospects who are sold on the product, but are on the fence about working with a new organization. Just because you are a company the prospect has never collaborated with before doesn’t mean working together should involve significant transition costs, and it definitely should not mean taking on additional risk on the client’s end. Work with your sales reps and other departments in your sales company to create content that clarifies your organization’s policies on everything from client data processing to certifications. While you may benefit from gating other kinds of sales enablement content, content on risk management should be as public as possible. Make it easy for sales reps and prospects alike to find security and compliance information on your website and materials to avoid misunderstandings or uncertainty that could threaten an otherwise done deal.

What now?

So by now you should have a clear idea of what kinds of sales enablement content will be most useful for your team throughout the sales process. The next step is to ensure content is shared and distributed properly so that it can have a tangible effect. Develop a sales enablement strategy that takes into account the unique needs of your team and fine-tune your plan for its implementation. Your sales enablement strategy should put information accessibility and sales training at the forefront.

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