Top Four reasons to implement a Conversation Intelligence Software in your Organization

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Conversations between a sales rep and a prospect are an optimal part of a business. When a sales rep speaks with a prospect, they are able to gather insights on the customer’s needs. Creating a genuine connection with your prospect can help your business identify the pain points of your prospect and how to better help them. 

Implementing a conversation intelligence software will allow sales reps to gather insightful call analytics that will make them effective and efficient during their calls, it will increase ROI, and help boost the productivity of the entire sales team.

Attention is the only software that empowers sales reps during their calls by providing real-time feedback through the use of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. Attention is able to track metrics such as speech, pace, engagement and record progress over time. Attention will help improve the productivity of your sales team and ramp up training for junior sales reps by providing sales managers with crucial metrics that have not been available before.

Why Is A Conversation Intelligence Tool Necessary In 2022?

The post-pandemic “new normal” is here and it is staying. This uncharted territory has changed the way businesses interact internally and externally. The increase in digital interaction between businesses and consumers has become one of the most crucial parts of a business.

Conversation Intelligence software is a powerful tool that uses machine learning and ​​natural language processing (NLP) to scan virtual meetings to scan for insightful data from the conversations. With remote work, sales reps now rely on video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc... Implementing a conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) software is essential for your sales team's success. By doing so, the software will aid your sales rep’s communication skills by using conversation AI and machine learning to analyze, provide feedback, and take notes on the conversation, which allows your sales reps to go back and access the data easily and effectively.

These are the top four reasons to implement a conversation intelligence software. 

Effective Sales Training

Getting your junior sales reps to perform at their best shouldn't take months. Effective sales training can be achieved by implementing a conversational intelligence software. New hires and junior reps who use communication AI find success in keeping prospects interested and closing more deals.

As your team grows and more sales reps come to your company, you’ll need managers to train the junior sales reps and bring them up to speed. Likewise, managers will need to track and assess their veteran sales reps. A conversation Intelligence software gathers insightful data on each call making it easier for sales managers to see who their top, average, and low performing sales reps are. This will allow sales managers to train adequately and provide feedback. By implementing conversational AI your team will be encouraged by peer-learning.

Ramping Up Coaching

Coaching a growing sales team can be very time consuming for sales managers. By implementing a conversational intelligence software, the team manager will be able to help sales reps improve the quality of their conversations. The more conversations a sales rep has the harder it is to keep track of them. Think about the average number of meetings that a sales reps have in a quarter. Now, think about the amount of meetings a whole sales team has in a quarter. That is a lot of calls for your sale’s manager to keep track of. This approach is impractical and unrealistic for the manager to shadow each sales rep call.

Conversational intelligence software allows sales managers to be able to leverage the data collected and help close the gap between their average and top performers. The AI is able to pick up on your sales reps conversations and their performance allowing managers to pivot their training depending on each sales reps needs.

Improve Productivity Of Your Team

No matter what title you have, such as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Sales Leader, or even Sales Rep, you are always looking for ways to improve productivity. Integrating a conversational intelligence software to your sales process will encourage every member of the team to increase their productivity. The conversational intelligence software will facilitate training, provide insight of the conversation, collect data, and analyze the data collected. Increasing productivity will facilitate your sales process and allow your sales reps to focus on getting more leads. 

Optimize Sales Conversations

A good sales rep will have great communication skills. He can create genuine relationships with their prospects. Implementing communication intelligence to your team will improve the quality of each meeting and be able to increase the sales conversion. However, some junior sales reps don’t start off with the best confidence. Confidence in sales needs to be built, whether it be in training or helpful resources like a sales battlecard. Battlecards help sales reps focus on what’s important during their calls. A sales battlecard is a short but very informative compilation of relevant information on the service/product and the context in which it is surrounded by, such as, facts about clients, selling tactics, and data on market research. The sole purpose of a sales battlecard is to give your sales rep a quick cheat-sheet of facts so that they are ready to answer questions and effectively persuade prospects. Not only are these sales battlecards important, but it is also effective in standardizing information communicated across at the team level. The better the battlecards are written, the more confident your sales rep will be in conversations with prospects.

Attention allows your sales team to track metrics such as questions asked, speak share, positive feedback, engagement and overall performance. These crucial metrics allow your sales managers to customize coaching for their sales reps and ramp up their training time, turning your junior reps into top sellers. Attention is the only software that empowers sales reps during their call by providing real-time feedback and battlecards. Improve your team's overall engagement by giving Attention a try today!

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