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Attention is your real-time, fully integrated voice assistant for sales


Win your deals with our real-time guidance and fill your CRM with one click


Supercharge your go-to-market and turn your horse into a rocket. Welcome to the future of Sales!

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Never worry about filling up Salesforce again!

With our state-of-the-art AI capabilities, Attention understands your conversations and fills up your CRM fields with one click.


Crystal clear sales pipeline

Perfect forecasting visibility for C-Suite leaders.


Always Be Closing

Spend less time doing admin work and more time closing deals.


Acquire Superpowers with Attention

What if you could replicate your top sellers and best practices across your entire team?

How Attention Helps your Sales Teams Win

Attention delivers real-time actionable intelligence to your sales reps, while they're on the call, and when it matters.
Win your deals before they're lost.


Lighting fast onboarding

Attention scales coaching to every conversation.


Predictably Increase Revenue

Attention boosts your conversation rates and ACVs.

Attention Battlecard


in Extra ARR
per Rep


Faster Ramp Time


in yearly savings
for a team of 10 reps

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Create Superheroes

Offload to ramp up New Hires

It's a win-win. You have more time, they have more knowledge - it feels like there's a catch? Not a catch, check this out.


Scale our personalized coaching features across your team


Track the progress of your new hires


Turn them into supersellers within a month

Automate your follow-up emails with AI

Attention will also understand conversations and draft the best follow-up email customized to what was said during your calls.
Stay on top of your deals!


Write compelling follow-up emails that sell

Our customers experience +29% positive replies with Attention's generated follow-up emails.


Use your customer's voice

One click to generate an email with your customer's words.

Oh, do we like integrations...

Attention integrates with your favorite sales tools.
We might've gone overboard to some, but just the tip of the iceberg for us.

Video Conferencing
Zoom, Meets, Teams
We've got you covered for all your calls!
Your favorite CRMs
Salesforce, Hubspot
Don't ever waste again your time filling up your CRM.
Everything Email
Gmail, Outlook
Manually writing your emails will be a thing of the past.
...and everything else
Slack, Zapier, and everything else!
Request an integration and we'll build it!

We've helped 100+ sales teams including

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