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Attention teaches you why you're winning and losing deals and helps you do something about it.
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CRM fields

AI Capabilities

Never worry about filling up your CRM again

With our AI capabilities, Attention understands your conversations & sales methodology and fills up your CRM fields with one click.

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Improved Forecasting

Tough to forecast when reps aren't progressing deal stages, following your sales methodology and giving minimum details in the CRM.


Always Be Selling

Reps spend less than 30% of their time selling. Give them back 50%+ of their time with 1 click CRM updates.

Positive Replies
Our customers also experience higher response rates with Attention's generated follow-up emails.

Automate your follow-up
emails with AI

Attention understands conversations and drafts the best follow-up email customized to what was said during your calls.

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Write Compelling Follow-Up Emails That Sell


Use The CUSTOMER Voice

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We've helped 100+ sales teams

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Don't Just take it from us

"When it came to Attention, it helped us solve two major challenges any sales leader has: reducing sales cycle length and faster onboarding.
Since we started using Attention we've reduced sales cycle by 31%. The second thing we measured was a reduction in overall meetings of new trainings, as it was reinforced with Attention's real-time coaching intelligence live on the calls. Attention's AI Sales platform has been a game changer for us!"
Adam Ferris  -  VP of Sales, Friendbuy
"Attention is going multiple layers deeper for me than most Call Intelligence softwares offer.
I can be certain that all CRM Opportunity fields are being updated with the auto-fill feature, I know my reps are saving time and following best practices for follow up emails using the Al generated follow-up email feature, and my favorite part, I have a built-in Al assistant to help me quickly analyze sales call recordings to pull out insights and feedback for my team. Attention is helping me and my reps save a ton of time and helping me get far more clear on what I need to coach them on."
Jed Mahrle -  Director of Sales, Mailshake
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How Attention Helps your Sales Teams Win

Attention delivers real-time actionable intelligence to your sales reps, while they're on the call, and when it matters.

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Real-time coaching

Guide reps to follow your sales methodology live on the call for faster onboarding.


Sales Messaging

Aligned messaging from tenured reps to newly onboarded reps.


Attention integrates with your favorite sales tools.
Missing an integration? Request it. We'll build it.

Video Conferencing
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Zoom, Meets, Teams
Have Attention join all your calls 
Salesforce, Hubspot & more
Any CRM is compatible with Attention
Email Provider
Gmail, Outlook
Manually writing emails NEVER again
All Integrations
Slack, Zapier, and anything else
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